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What's on the horizon for Bristol's Western Harbour?

Harbours have long been places of exchange, change and re-invention. In Autumn and Winter 2021 we started a citywide conversation to shape the future of Bristol's Western Harbour. This area has evolved over the centuries, from feats of engineering to the fortunes of local dock workers.

Now, as the city feels the effects of changing climate, flooding and shifts in how people want to live and work, it's important we shape a place that meets Bristol's challenges and local community interests.

Thank you to all the people who took part, we are now analysing all of your comments and contributions and will publish a draft ‘Vision’ for Western Harbour in the new year which you will be able to comment on online. Subject to approval by Cabinet this will then be used to brief the masterplanners who will be appointed later in 2022.

Harbour Hopes is the creative engagement programme for the regeneration of Western Harbour

Through this open conversation and exploration of ideas, we asked what your hopes for the area’s future are – whether you’re a regular or rarely come to this part of the city.

These ideas will feed into a vision to evolve the area around Cumberland Basin and the western end of the New Cut into an active and sustainable neighbourhood. A place that respects heritage and local people as well bringing new places: to play, to work, to live - connected by better transport.

This is a Bristol City Council initiative to hear hopes from across the city as part of the Western Harbour regeneration project.

Reflections on Western Harbour

Film by Christy Nunns, local filmmaker, featuring attendees at the engagement workshops on the 20th November 2021.

Collaborative poem by Tom Sastry and Bristol City Poet Caleb Parkin

A short film on the collaborative poem by Tom Sastry and Bristol City Poet Caleb Parkin who spent time walking around the area, chatting to people, researching archive and discussing planning, development, the built environment and the more-than-human aspects of the area.

Link to Audio Tour

Listen to our audio tour from Changing Harbour Open Doors to get a sense of the area:

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