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What’s on the horizon for Bristol's Western Harbour?

Harbour Hopes is a creative programme of public engagement that starts a citywide conversation on the future of Western Harbour, the regeneration area centred around Cumberland Basin and the western end of the New Cut. It’s an area which holds historic and cultural importance for the whole of Bristol, and offers new opportunities for living, working and playing. You can look at the boundary of the project area on our interactive map.

This is the start. It takes a long time for a neighbourhood to evolve, and this exchange will continue over the coming years. We want to hear your hopes, and your insights – whether you visit the area regularly, or rarely come to this part of Bristol. At the city’s heart, Western Harbour should be a place that welcomes people from all backgrounds and all areas. So we’re running events citywide for a wider range of communities and voices to join the conversation.

We have now finished our first stage of engagement which gathered peoples hopes and ideas for the area. You can read the playback report here.

The themes that have developed from the engagement to date will be fed into an interactive exhibition in which your own voice can be heard. Come and see the ideas inspired by the Creative Workshops, Creative Ambassadors, Listening Labs and Visioning workshops, working with people in Western Harbour and across Bristol.

The exhibition will be open for one month from 20 November - 17th December at the Create Centre.

There will also be staffed exhibition days over the course of the exhibition with someone there to answer any questions and guide you through engagement activities.

There are different ways to get involved over November and December 2021:

Visioning events will take place at the Create Centre with workshops to explore placemaking themes and principles that are important to you, and how these can be interpreted into physical design.

The Harbour Hopes Exhibition will tell the story of all the engagement to date and provide an additional opportunity to add your voice to the conversation.

Check out the programme of events and how to get involved here

Now ended: What happened in September and October 2021?

Now ended: Creative Workshops have taken place at four locations, North, South, East and close to the site, as well as online, to draw out the stories of the area and what it means to Bristol. Working with Bristol-based studio, Play Disrupt, and local community groups, this drew out creative ideas to meet future challenges to feed into a shared vision for this part of the harbour. The list of events that took place can be found here.

Now ended: Creative Ambassadors have been commissioned to connect Bristol’s talent in photography, film, illustration, and poetry to local people. This will help us understand the character of the area better and bring to life the ideas of many.

Now ended: Listening Labs have taken place online with local stakeholder groups and communities of interest. These gathered people’s hopes and fears for the area and helped us understand the character of the area with those that know it well. You can see a list of attendees at the Listening Labs here.

The online Interactive Map allowed people to add their hopes and local knowledge in their own time.